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Each type of license or certificate has different requirements and application procedures:


Land Surveyors

On-site Designers and Inspectors


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Things to Know

License expires every 2 years on your birthday. You can renew 120 days before your license expires

For Consumers


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Find out if an engineer, land surveyor, or firm has a valid license


File a Complaint

Learn how to file a complaint against an engineer, land surveyor, or firm


Disciplinary Actions

See a list of engineers & land surveyors disciplined for licensing violations


Rulemaking Activity

See rules currently being developed by the Board


Frequently Asked Questions

The SE license in our new system is viewed like an endorsement to your Washington Professional Engineer (PE) license. Log in to Secure Access Washington (SAW) and access our service, ‘Professional and Business Licensing’. If you do not see ‘Professional and Business Licensing’ on your list of services, you must add our service to your SAW account. Once at our service, select ‘Professional Licenses’ at the top of your screen. Click into your license number and select ‘manage endorsement’. Upload the first two pages of your Structural Engineer Registration Application. From the drop down, select none or n/a.

Yes, you can still work in Washington as an EIT if you have taken and passed your EIT in another jurisdiction as long as you are working under the direct supervision of a Professional Engineer. When signing your name on emails, correspondence etc. you will use your name - EIT State (example John Smith - EIT CA)

License renewals completed online in most cases are automatic! If you renew your license by mail, please expect up to 4 weeks processing time.

Yes, you can renew online or by mail. You may renew your professional license up to 120 days before your expiration date.