Exam Fees

On-site Designers and Inspectors

The exam fee is included in the license application fee. The fee isn't refundable after we've processed your application. If you're not approved for an exam, we'll save the fee until you're eligible.

Engineers and Land Surveyors

You'll need to pay 2 different exam fees:

  1. When you apply for an exam, pay us the appropriate exam application fee below (check or money order payable to the Department of Licensing).
  2. After you get a letter from us approving you to take the exam, pay a separate exam fee to the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES).
    • If you don't pay the NCEES fee by their deadline, you won't be admitted to take the exam.

NCEES Exam Fees

NCEES exam applications (Fee includes application, license, and wall certificate) Fee
Engineer exam $65
Land surveyor exam (includes PLS state exam) $140

State Exam Fees

State exam applications (Fee includes application, exam, license, and wall certificate) Fee
Land surveyor exam — Comity $140

Exam Rescheduling Fees

You do not need to reapply to the board office for the PE, SE, or PLS 6hr NCEES exams. You can reschedule your exam directly with NCEES.

Exam rescheduling (The exam vendor charges a separate fee for rescheduled exams) Fee
Land surveyor state exam $100
On-site designer exam $140
On-site inspector exam $140


Licensing Fees

License Application Fees

License application (Fee includes application, license, and wall certificate. Wall certificates not issued for temporary permits.) Fee
Professional engineer license — Comity (for applicants already licensed outside Washington State) $110
Temporary permit (professional engineers only) $110
Firm certificate (corporation or LLC) $150
On-site designer license $200
On-site designer license — Comity $75
On-site inspector certificate of competency $175

License Renewal Fees

License renewal Fee
Engineer (2 years) $116
Land surveyor (2 years) $116
Late renewal penalty: Engineers and land surveyors
(if you renew 90 days after expiration date)
Firm (corporation or LLC, 1 year) $110
On-site designer (2 years) $116
On-site inspector (2 years) $116
Late renewal penalty: On-site designers and inspectors
(if you renew 90 days after expiration date)